MATACUY by Destileria Andina


Its name means ‘kill the guinea pig’ in reference to the Andean tradition of drinking a digestif to revive yourself after eating too much. Matacuy by Destilería Andina is made from botanicals, extracted in distilled sugar cane in Ollantaytambo and it is Peru’s first Andean elixir; lifting your mind and body. The original recipe and artwork was created by Wendy Weeks in 1953. 

Typography by Jean-Baptiste Morizot   Velvetyne Type Foundry

It is served with a single glass ice cube, it tastes the way that walking through a tropical jungle feels: lush, vegetal, earthy, humid. It’s a spirit that takes the best parts of mezcal (green grassy flavor), rum (complex sweetness), and amaro (distinct bitterness) and combines them harmoniously. —Alex Delany, Bonappetit.