Cantarureando Canterurías
Chabuca Granda’s Songbook


Hardcover double content publication on Chabuca Granda, reknown peruvian singer and musician.
Side A: Cantarureando; hosts lyrics of the most relevant songs and the other. Side B: Canterurias; showcases poems and possible lyrics to songs that were never given a tune. In the middle, a visual essay through the life’s artists. ‘Cantarureando, canterurias’ are both terms used by the artist to refer to singing her poems. 

All images ©Archivo Asociación Cultural Chabuca 

Side A: Cantarureando, Side B: Canterurias.

First drafts of song ‘Flor de la Canela’

Chabuca recording her LP ‘Cada canción con su razon’.
Argentina, 1980